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Dr Adi Setia

Dr Adi Setia

Dr. Adi Setia is an Associate Professor of Islamic Finance at the Center for Advanced Studies in Islam, Science & Civilization (CASIS), University of Technology, Malaysia. Prior to this role, he was a lecturer and Associate Professor of history and philosophy of science at the Faculty of Science and later at the Faculty of General Studies at the prestigious International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He was also the Dean of the Faculty for a few years.

As a long term intellectual, his pragmatic work lies in the realization of the Worldview of Islam in terms of arts, sciences and technologies. His involvement in community-based intellectual and socioeconomic self-empowerment, intercultural dialogue and the reharmonization of man and his natural environment has enabled him to do pioneering research on Islamic Gift Economy and Awqaf .

His research area of specialization includes Islamic Gift Economy,  Awqaf, Worldview of Islam and Islamisation of the Sciences. He has written numerous articles on these topics and has presented many papers around the world especially on the topic of Islamic Gift Economy and Awqaf. He has also been invited by various International Awqaf organisations to provide consultancy and staff training on Awqaf. Dr. Adi Setia has also authored numerous books. His books are used by Islamic Finance and Economics students around the world. He has supervised many research students over the years. In addition, he is currently Senior Fellow & Academic and Research Coordinator of HAKIM and founding Coordinator of the Mu‘amalah Research Group (MRG) at  International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Before embarking on formal academic work he has spent many years learning at the traditional Islamic madrasahs (pondoks) of Kedah, Patani and Kelantan, under Islamic scholars such as (Almarhum) Tuan Guru Haji Umar Zuhdi of Madrasah Misbahul Falah, Baling, Kedah; and Tuan Guru Haji Hashim Abu Bakar of Madrasah Diniyyah Bakriyyah, Pasir Tumboh, Kelantan.

Dr. Adi Setia completed both his doctorate (PhD) and Masters (MA) degrees from International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), Malaysia.  He studied his Degree (BA) in Human Sciences specialising in Arabic Language and Literature from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Dr. Adi Setia enjoys outdoor activities connecting up to nature especially canoeing, mountain hiking, cross-country trekking, camping out in the hillsides/forests by rivers/streams and travelling to new places. Dr. Adi Setia also specialises in Classical Filahah in relation to Modern Permaculture. He has his own plot of garden where he practices Permaculture. Dr. Adi Setia is one of the founding members of the Islamic Gift Economy Blog.


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